Friday, October 4, 2013

The Little Farm Boy

No one is more excited about harvest than this guy!  I may have to slow down on my projects, but his have just begun!

The first thing he does when he gets home from school is ask to go to the farm...and as long as homework is done and behavior is good, that's where you'll find him.  One night he caught a ride home from the field in the semi.

I met him outside as he ran up the driveway is his cowboy boots...pure joy on his face.  

Every year I'm amazed by the guys working in the field.  Despite the frustration of equipment breaking, occasional unfavorable weather, and sometimes 17 hour days, they plod through with generally positive attitudes and are still willing to take the time for this little farm boy in training.  They wouldn't have to make time for a tag-a-long...I'm positive they have enough on their plate and it's just one more thing to keep track of!!  But, I am so thankful they do, because going to the field and spending time with these men gives him a chance to see hard work and diligence in action as well as exposure to so many wonderful role models.  What a lucky kid!


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