Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Blue Door

I really lucked out with a husband who is super handy.  Between the two of us, we can and have done most of the projects around here.  It has saved us a ton of money and as an added bonus, taught us how to work really well as a team.  Learning to work well together definitely had its learning curve and we've had our fair share of arguments over the silliest of things, but I'm thankful...because I really believe that it strengthened us a couple and gave us the skills to face some of the other challenges that presented themselves over the last many years.  And, usually, when we do a project together now we actually have fun!! and can joke about the things that don't always work out the way we want them to the first time!

That being said...I plan projects around the two major times that my husband is completely out of commission...planting and harvest.  There are other times, of course, that farming takes precedence but those are the two big ones.  It actually usually works out perfectly, because there are a ton of little, but time consuming, things that make it onto the "list" but get neglected when the larger construction-type projects are going on.  Painting happens to be a biggy.  I love paint.  It's cheap and provides a big impact.  It's not a difficult project and it's low on the commitment scale...but seriously, it takes forever...and is about the most boring job!!

My front door really needs a new coat of paint.  Actually, the whole front porch needs a lot of love.  We'd hoped to get to that this summer, but we spent more time than we planned in the backyard instead.  I'd love to get at least the door painted before it gets cold...and the rest will just have to wait!

I'm thinking a blue??  But I don't really have the perfect shade in mind yet.  So, the girls and I trucked ourselves to Home Depot today and picked up a few samples.

I've got to say, it's become really fun to take the girls with me on these trips! I love how Olivia comments with her opinions on things! It's so fun to see her taste develop and I couldn't be more thrilled that she seems interested in the things that I love too!  She has her limits though...  She was 'Home Depot'ed out by the time we left...Isabelle clearly was still "cheese"ing it up!

Anyway, when we got home I painted up some samples.  Normally, I would use poster board, but it I used these paper plates in a pinch!

Time to test them out on the door!  After seeing these I know for sure that I do not want a blue door.  Green's out also, too many green plants to compete with the majority of the year...  How about red??  Do I dare??  I guess the girls and I will make our way back to Home Depot...they love us there, haha :)  And I think that one of those blues will come in quite handy for another project brewing the downstairs bath!


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