Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is here!! and a new light fixture...

It FINALLY feels like spring!  YAY!  I'm so excited that we have had a couple warm days!  I almost forgot what it was like to not have to bundle up to go outside.  I was even able to tackle a spray paint project yesterday!!  Of course, it's grey and rainy today....but I'll take it!

I have to admit, however, the very beginning of spring gives me a 'tad' bit of anxiety.  I'm always in the midst of what seems like 100 projects (self-induced, I know....I have only myself to blame ;-) )....but when spring rolls around I feel like someone just dumped about 100 more into my lap with everything that needs to be done outside!  Yikes!!  So...I'm going to be taking a lot of DEEP breaths and trying to remain calm.  (Not an easy feat!)  Haha!

I'm not sure the following is really noteworthy of it's own post...but I'm SO excited about it that I just can't help myself.  We just hung a new light in the living room!

This is what the old light looked like....

Yuck.  I hate this light.  I have hated it since the day we hung it.  That's right folks, we hung it.  I'm not a huge fan of overhead lighting anyway, and there is just not a lot in the way of affordable ceiling mounted fixtures, has gotten leaps and bounds better over the last decade.  And, unfortunately we don't have the ceiling height in the living room to do a cool chandelier or lantern.  I have been told, however, that there was a false ceiling hung in that actually... we would have at least 9 feet of ceiling height....  Hmmm....  Just kidding...we have NO plans of ripping out the ceiling, haha.

Anyway,  I have been searching for a long time to find a light that isn't mounted directly to the ceiling, has plenty of clearance, and fits the budget.  One day I came across this gem from Ballard Designs....

Not to bad!.... I'm really wanted more of a antiqued brass look (not the fake stuff, the REAL antique brass)...but I had a solution for that.  So I waited patiently until I had a coupon and pulled the trigger.  It was even on sale!! Score!

Enter one of my favorite products!

Rub 'n buff!  I used to use a special cocktail of spray paint and glazes to achieve the same look...but this is SO much easier.  Better takes only minutes to have a completed project!  It comes in a few shades and I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby.

It took probably about 30 minutes to finish this.  Then I just had to wait for the cutest 'electrician' I help me hang it! :)  Which he did of course, all the while shaking his head at how silly I am for being so excited about a light fixture...haha.


Color looks weird here...but I guess that's what you get from an iPhone picture :)  It's pretty in person...I promise!

Isn't it beautiful?! I love how the light shines up and the leaves glow on the ceiling!  So much better!
One of these days, I'll get around to showing you the rest of the room... :)