Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days - Behind the Scenes

So as it turns out I haven't quite figured out how to work blogging into the everyday.  It seems like each day runs out before "writing a blog post" makes it near the top of my "to-do" list.  This month one of my favorite bloggers The Nester is hosting a 31 day series.  Bloggers are invited to "link up" and talk about any topic they wish to for the 31 days of October.  It's been on my mind...albeit kind of in the back...that I would love to participate this year!  However, October tends to be just a *little* crazy around here.  It got me thinking the craziness of October and a 31 day writing challenge could be a good pair.

For the next 31 days I'm going to be blogging about the "behind the scenes" of our farmhouse.  If you really stop and think about is often what goes on behind the scenes which gives a project its heartbeat and purpose.  This proves to be very true in the larger picture of our old house renovation.  The things that go on which not everyone may see complete the pieces of the puzzle and give purpose to the very reason we desire to create our "home".  I'll be sharing some bits about our family and farm life as well as some current little projects and inspirations...a journal of our personal goings-on for the month.  It may be a slight departure from the traditional topics, but my personal challenge is to blog everyday for 31 days!

Hope you enjoy!

Day 1: A place to rest.
Day 2: The Blue Door
Day 3: Conquer the fear...of sewing
Day 4: The Little Farm Boy
Day 5: New Baby Celebration
Day 6: Oh, Homegoods
Day 7: DIY Cording for Throw Pillows
Day 8
Day 9: Mess and Perseverance
Day 10: DIY Throw Pillow Tutorial
Day 11: Girls Trip!
Day 12 - Day 23:  Mid-month hiatus?? Oops.

Day 24: Can we salvage this?
Day 25: Snow
Day 26: Black Doors

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