Saturday, October 26, 2013

Black Doors

You may have noticed a few black doors hanging out in our house...

A few years ago, when I was painting the exterior of our front door black, I decided to just go ahead and paint the inside black too.  In my mom's home we had used stained doors with cream trim and the contrast was really nice.  Stained doors in this house wasn't possible, but maybe the contrasting look could be achieved with another color??

A glimpse of the very first black door in the background...

The result...I really liked it!  It made the boring old white door a little more exciting.....for a door anyway. ;-)

Slowly, I've been making my way through our house.

And I do mean slllooowwwly.  The reasons are many.  First, I hate painting doors.  Second, they take FOREVER to paint if you want them to look semi-decent.  And third, it's not an easy project to do with munchkins around.  But mostly, it's because I hate painting doors.  ;-)

Almost as much as I hate painting doors, I hate that this project is unfinished.  Kind of a catch-22 there...because I have to actually finish the project I dread (maybe the most??) to not have it bother me everytime I see one of my unpainted doors.  I realized this is probably unbalanced...but it triggers a giant "to-do" list in my head everytime I see them!!  If you think this sounds a little're not alone...ask my hubby.

What?? Just finish them already?? Oh fine.  I'm on a new surge of commitment to finish my door painting.  



Long way to go.... blech.

I'd love to have this all wrapped up by thanksgiving.  There are only 17 more to go.  (Ugh, why'd I count...makes it seem so much worse!!)  I guess you gotta have a goal right?? I'm not sure that goal is really achievable...but I'd settle for 2/3rds finished.  How about it friends and family....who wants to paint some doors black!?!?  Any takers??

You know where to find me... If I have any chance of coming even close to reaching this goal I'll be painting every spare minute of my days....



  1. So thrilled to find your blog and home through Endearing Home blog. Yes, counting them makes it so much worse, but they will look so good in the end. I painted all mine dark brown a couple years ago.

  2. Hi Kim! I'm glad you found me and enjoyed the blog!! Thank you for all the sweet compliments! xo

  3. Hi, found you from the Endearing Home...those doors are fab, always wanted to do this with my doors! Now I know not to count them if I

    Have a great evening.

  4. Thanks Rondell!! And Yes!! Don't count the doors, lol! ;)

  5. Doors look great. Love you blue and white gorgeousness!