Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mess & Perseverance

Ever had one of those days that just wipe you out in every way??  I had one of those today.  It probably didn't help that I was running on borrowed energy when I woke up...or that I had misplaced my phone (aka "my life") by 7 am...or a number of other things... but I. am. spent.

Sometimes projects get a little messy.  You know, when things seem to get worse before they get better??  I seem to remember this happening pretty much every time my mom told me to clean my room as a kid, haha, sorry mom.  I suppose you could say that I've dealt with my fair share of mess over the last many years of renovating...but I'm still not a fan...and sometimes it still catches me off guard and takes me a minute to figure it all out.  You may just want to ditch the project altogether, but...if it's important to some point you must deal with the mess.  Ugh.

On my way home from dropping my kiddos off at school this morning, I found myself admiring the morning sky.  It was kind of like a rainbow was blanketing the whole skyline to the west beginning with red on the horizon and all the other colors that follow until reaching the blue that faded into the sky above.  I would have taken a picture...but remember....lost phone.  ;-)  It was cool though and I couldn't help by revel in the masterfulness of the Big Guy upstairs.

Do you think He ever had to deal with a project veering off course?? Mess?  Honestly, I'd never really considered it in this context before but...YES! That little thing called sin...which can be found in each and every human being on this planet.  His imperfect children who He loves so much.  Pretty amazing if you think about it...we are the project!  Perfect perseverance.

Sometimes it seems perseverance is becoming somewhat of a lost art in our "disposable" society.  But, whether it be a trivial project in our homes or something more meaningful like the challenges we may have to face in our relationships or the hard choices we make as parents, how beautiful are the things that can be made when we persevere...

I still don't like "mess", but being reminded of what's on the other side helps the medicine go down a little smoother.  And if you happen to be walking through my day to day life with me, which is probably most of you reading this blog... ;), thank you for persevering with me.

There's my deep thought for today...from my very tired brain... :)


ps.  And speaking of mess...I'm going to bed with dishes in the sink tonight and a pile of laundry in the basket.   I'm telling my inner-perfectionist to hush because perseverance in those areas are just going to have to wait until this chick gets some rest.

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