Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blue & White

One of my very favorite color combinations has to be blue and white.  Together they always look crisp and timeless.  My love for the combo is almost as deep as my love for dishes.  (How many dishes are too many really?, haha) Perfection when they are combined!!  

I'm partial to transferware in any color...but blue and white is, of course, my favorite.  I have a little collection of random pieces that have been picked up here and there and each one is interesting and unique!  You may have noticed a few of them hanging out in our kitchen :)

Ginger jars are another fav...  Blue and white accessories are complimentary to so many other colors!  Especially in a somewhat traditional interior, I can't think of a color scheme where a blue and white ginger jar or lamp wouldn't feel at home.  

Only slightly off-topic, but I wish you could select the color of the spine of the books that you buy.  Does that sound a little obsessive-compulsive??  Wouldn't bookshelves filled with a monochromatic scheme of blue books be wonderful?  (This may qualify as only of those things I get strangely excited about, haha)

And blue and white covering the walls in the bedroom...such soothing colors to drift off to dreamland.   Probably not a surprise that I would love a blue and white wallpaper! 

Have a great night!


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