Friday, June 14, 2013

Living Room

As promised here are the progress pictures from the living room!  Let's start with some before pictures...

View from kitchen doorway

View also from kitchen doorway.  Door on the left leads to the bedroom and door on the right is the entrance to the closet under the stairs. 
One of the first things we did in this room was add crown molding, wainscoting, and the paneling on the west wall to this space.  My husband has become quite the skilled trim carpenter over the years!!  We also changed out the existing window and door casings for one with a slightly larger profile.  I probably should have taken some pictures of that process, but at the time we were so focused on getting through it the thought didn't cross my mind!  Trimwork takes some time and patience, but it is my favorite way to add character and life to a space.

Piles of trim! Oh my!

On to the current pictures..

View from kitchen doorway facing east window

View into entry hall.

View from entry hall.

View from kitchen doorway towards bedroom and stair closet doors. 

View of the tv the left of the kitchen doorway.

One of my favorite things...Grandma Hazel's diary.
View of east facing window.

Another major change in this room involved the windows.  We replaced the old casement window with a series of taller double hung windows that match the height of the existing double hung window.  Not only does it unify the look of the windows, but it's also amazing how much more light filters in from the just slightly taller windows.

The color of the room is called Mexican Feather Grass from Ralph Lauren.

This is the perfect color for someone like myself who doesn't like to commit because it changes colors throughout the day!  Sometimes it's a grey, sometimes it takes on a grey-green hue, and in the glow of incandensant lighting it almost reads like a sage-y green.  It looks a little bit different in each of the pictures above and that is a pretty good representation of the way it changes in real life too!

Our living room is definitely the most used room in the house.  We don't have a separate family room so this space takes a lot of abuse!  And while the closet under the stairs does a good job at storing the toys out of sight when not in use, this is also where most of the "play" happens.  As a result, the living room often looks like this...

barbies, and tractors, and blankies....oh my!

I'll be honest and admit that the mess drives the neat freak in me a little nutso at times... but I wouldn't trade one minute of having my kiddos around for a perfectly kept house!  After all, that's what all this decorating stuff is about right??


PS...did you notice the rug?? :)


  1. Yet again, seriously gorgeous! When you started designing this room where did you start? What is your thought process to help the rest of us as we design (ahem try to think through) our own homes.

    1. Thank you Danielle! And great questions!!...I'll try to hack through my thought process soon! ;-)

  2. The rug is lovely, but I want to know more about that chair! (The blue and white on in the back of the room) LOVE the fabric!!