Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wallpaper in the Kitchen??

Would wallpaper in the kitchen, especially behind the sink, be my first choice? Well maybe not...if purely for functional reasons.... However, we had some sketchy plaster issues with some of the walls and ripping everything down to the studs wasn't part of the plan.  So...any sort of tile backsplash was a no go.

This brings us to the decision to hang wallpaper.  I love wallpaper. (GASP!!) I know...some of you have probably spent countless hours painfully peeling old wallpaper off of walls that probably weren't prepared properly to begin with.  Trust me...I've been there too! No one's idea of a good time! :)  It can also be expensive to both buy and install.  In a room with serious wall issues, however, or one with no other architectural interest it can be well worth the investment!  Instantly, wallpaper provides interest and character for minimal work and hassle!  The benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks for me where wallpaper is concerned.

While working with my previous employer, I was lucky to have access to some pretty amazing trade resources.  It was then that I came across a few companies whose papers are made with actual paper...no yucky vinyl coatings!  These are not your average wallpaper.  (Did I mention that they are also very easy to remove?!?  I've done it....with only water, no yucky chemicals...and it was a breeze!)

The paper that was chosen for the kitchen is Ashling from Colefax and Fowler.

By using wallpaper I was able to not only hide the imperfections on the walls, but also unify the kitchen space with the adjoining dining area.  I think it also helps the kitchen feel a little less "kitcheny"!

It's probably been hanging up for at least 8 years...and I still love it!  (Which is a big deal for me, haha)  Stick around awhile and you will find out just how much I love wallpaper.  :)


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