Friday, March 8, 2013

The Dutch Door

You may have been wondering where the door in the corner leads....

This is the door to our stairway.  It is common in older homes to have enclosed staircases.  The main purpose was to help confine the heat to a specific our case...the downstairs.  It was not that long ago that the main source of heat in our house was a wood stove located in our dining room just next to the kitchen.  Since then, however, central air/heat has been installed and the door no longer serves that purpose.  Until recently we had actually removed the door altogether.  By the third child, we had already been through two of those expensive (& ugly) swinging baby gates and I was really tired of hopping over the cheap plastic one to go up the stairs every five the idea of hanging the door back up to keep the baby safe from the stairs was re-introduced.

"I'm caught"

The only drawback for me, however, was that with a door we would lose the light that shines down from the windows in the stairwell above. But, we decided this was the best option and proceeded ahead.  We bought a door and set it aside for the next time we had a few minutes.  Projects usually take awhile around here....which in this case turns out to be a good thing!

While the new door sat waiting, I came across a picture that got the wheels turning!  You may be able to guess what happened next! :)

photo by Laura Resen

Dutch Door!!

Lightbulb!  Turn stairdoor into dutch door = keep baby out, let light in AND have really cool dutch door!  YES PLEASE!

I have always loved dutch doors so I was super excited to be able to include this detail in our home.  With a little creativity and help from my incredibly sweet, funny, handsome, talented, patient, handy husband (wink, wink....brownie points??) we turned our plain old door into a dutch door for our stairway.  It works out perfectly!

If you want to see more pictures of the kitchen renovation, you can find them here.

Have a great weekend!


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