Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's the little things...

In this case, the little things = the details.

It goes without saying that there are A LOT of decisions to be made when selecting all the details and surfaces that go into a kitchen.  All those details, despite how tedious they may seem, add up to create one big impact.  For our kitchen one of the most important things to me was to maintain the "feeling" of the farmhouse...incorporating some characteristics that may have been found in original cabinetry or antique furniture while still modernizing it to fit our lifestyle (and of course budget played a role here too).

I absolutely love the details found in the following kitchens.  They are so lovely and really speak for themselves.  So with that... I'll leave you with the following pretty pictures!!

Trina via A Country Farmhouse

via Country Living
Designer: Sarah Richardson
Photographed By: Stacey Brandford

via Mrs. Howard
Designer: Phoebe Howard

via House & Home
Designer: Tommy Smythe
Photographed By: Michael Graydon
Designer: Sarah Richardson
Photographed By: Michael Graydon

Any favorites??


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