Monday, June 10, 2013

The Entry

Remember this picture from here?

There was a bit of a sneak peak into the entry in the blue and white post! :)

Here are a few before pictures...

This picture was taken from the living room looking into the entry hall and closet beyond.  Although not visible, the actual exterior door is located immediately to the right as you pass through this doorway.

Another view into the entry from the living room.  This is the wall immediately seen when you enter the house.

At one time the entry was separated from the living room with french doors.  (You may be able to tell something is missing from the hinge cut-outs in the door jamb above :) )  While I loved the look of the doors, we use our front door frequently and it just wasn't functionally working for us, so we removed them.  At the time we were just "trying it out" and intended to repair the trim when we had come to a decision.  I think it's safe to say...after 10ish years or so...we have made that decision, but that chore just got added to the very long and boring "to do" list.  You know, the one full of things that really need to be done, but aren't fun to all...?  Someday...

One of the first things we did to all of the existing flat panel doors was add trim to dress them up a bit.  This is the best picture I have of that process.  It was taken from the door way of the bedroom, looking through the living room and into the entry.  You can see that one of the closet doors has been re-hung with the new trim (but not yet painted!) in this picture.  I think...that is actually the bedroom door in progress on the floor....oy vey...what a mess... It's a good thing that the kiddos weren't around yet for this part of the process! Ha!

Now on to some current pictures!

Separate entry spaces seem so luxurious to me as a place to greet guests.  While our entry may not be grand and expansive, I'm thankful to have this little space that is somewhat separated from our living room...(which is usually overflowing with toys if the kids are in the near vicinity!)  

Coincidently, there are a couple other items on that boring "to do" list in this room besides fixing old hinge spaces...and a few more *may* have been added after looking at the current pictures!  It's interesting to me how looking at a space through the lens of a camera can pinpoint things that are missing!  ...and... possibly some other things too like the child lock on the closet door that didn't get removed before the picture...oops!  I was too lazy to re-take it sans lock...sorry!...but that truly is an indication of the current season of our lives! Lots of locks to keep kids in and out of places around here, haha :)

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. So maybe some homeschooling advice in exchange for decorating advice?!? I have the hardest time accessorizing! My console table in my foyer has been empty for oven a year now because I can't decide what to do with it! Help! LOL!

    1. I'm sure we can work something out!! That's a really great post idea too...I'll work on that ;)