Friday, June 21, 2013

Ahem....Recliners... :)

Large overstuffed recliners are not my favorite thing.  If you love them, please by all means go for it, but they are just not for me.  If it were up to me, nary a recliner would be found in the walls of my house.  My husband, however, feels a slightly different.  :)  So we may have spotted it in this picture...

Do you see it??  The recliner is leather with a traditional shape and nailhead details so at the very least I find it only slightly offensive, haha, but...I have to is VERY comfortable and the most used chair in the room.

We've had this chair almost as long as we've been married. (11 years tomorrow!!)  It. has. been. abused.  It's time to be replaced.  Seeing as this *is* the most used chair in the room, I had resigned myself to the fact that it's replacement would probably be pretty similar, but I may get to pick a slightly differently color leather this time.

Until....i found this....

I stopped by one of our local furniture retailers on a whim to get a feel for what my options were and I came across this chair.  Tufted back recliner???  Ummm...yes!!  I thought maybe even the color would be acceptable, but after comparing with my fabric swatches I decided it wasn't going to work.  It was all for the best was available to order in lots of other leather options and the only drawback was the wait for production.... 16 weeks. Yep, still waiting.  It *should* be here in about 2 weeks or so, hopefully, and I can't wait!!


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  1. Oh, yes, the dreaded recliner that the hubs just have to have. I did get him one that isn't too reclinery looking in our great room. His older one is in the sitting room and works okay with the decor in there. We do have to compromise.