Monday, July 8, 2013

Backyard Progress

We're moving along in the backyard!!  If you need a refresher, before pics can be found here.

The new deck is finished (sans paint/stain).... I think some planters would look nice on each of the corners on this deck...but that's pretty low on the to-do list as of now.

New plants have been planted between the decks.  There are just a couple more to add to the section next to the house, one being a climbing something between the two windows??  To be determined...

We also added some gravel in our new path between the decks to reduce the "mud" factor from all the rain we've been getting.  Eventually, it will be the base of whatever walkway we finally decide on.

Here's a view from the new deck to the existing deck with new railing!  

And... a view from the existing deck to the new deck...

View of the existing deck just as we began removing the old step down area.

See the caved in boards?? Yep, I forgot they had already been cut for removal when I ran up the old stairs to get my phone located on the railing.  Oops.  Somehow, I landed on my back next to the deck in a hole from where I had just relocated some flowers?  Not sure I managed that...and yes, I'm fine.  Just a few scrapes.  :)

Progress made!! Old deck part removed! Ready for some landscaping!  Some of the old posts still need to come out, but the yard needs to dry out a little before we can get the equipment back here again.

Next steps....
-a bit more construction to railing and posts toppers
-move some existing plants and fill in with a couple new ones
-add skirting to deck
-finish railing for deck stairs
-old paver removal
-grass planting
-replace screen door
-paint floors on pathway between decks

Still looks like a big list, but we can see light at the end of the tunnel!!


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