Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bedroom

Currently, we use the room off of our living room as our bedroom.  It's kind of funny, to us anyway, but over the years I think we have set up our bedroom in almost every room of this house because of construction projects at one point or another....including the laundry room, haha.  Ironically, we are back to where we started....using the room we used when we were first married.

These are the closest I have to before pictures...they weren't exactly on my radar when we started our projects!  We had already removed wallpaper and a border when these were taken.  And... we were in the midst of "attempting" an....ahem...faux finish.  Fail.  But, if I remember correctly my arms got a terrific workout that day! ;-)

Horribly dark picture...faux finish in progress :)

Was the ladder the subject of this picture??

These were also taken in the pre-digital camera days....does anyone even remember that?!?!  And long before I had a dslr with a lens that could actually capture this tiny space!  So to help you's a little floorplan sketch of this room....

You may have caught a tiny glimpse of the bedroom if you read the post on blue & white....but here are current pics!

This picture is one of my very favorite things!  It was given to me by my grandma who knows how intrigued I am by geneology and family history.  Not only is it beautiful, but it is so special to me because it is a portrait of my great-great-grandma Rose!  The frame is original to the portrait and was in some serious disrepair when I got it, but luckily a local frame shop was able to salvage it!  I feel honored to have this family heirloom hanging in our home.  

Happy Wednesday!!



  1. Alayne! This is so pretty!! Please, please come help me at my house!! xx Natalie

  2. Beautiful beautiful room. You are so good with all the details in a room. More folks need to find your blog and beautiful home!